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251642My father neither smokes nor drinks.CK12641171Neither Tom nor Mary can speak French.CK1249831I have neither time nor money for that.CK11024397Tom neither confirmed nor denied the rumors.CK11096125Neither Tom nor Mary was in a talkative mood.CK11152197He can't see nor hear.belgavox33489I neither drink nor smoke.CK258475I neither smoke nor drink.U2FS42202It's neither good nor bad.CK42555It is neither good nor bad.CK33482I don't know, nor do I care.CM291662He neither smokes nor drinks.CK257421I can't go, nor do I want to.CM3006501He can neither read nor write.davidrpmorris259743He can neither read nor write.CK249911I have neither time nor money.CK317303She's neither rich nor famous.CK236827Tom didn't come, nor did Jane.CM917663Neither Mary nor John can swim.willhite268835Neither you nor I are mistaken.CM434936He is neither handsome nor ugly.lukaszpp299221He neither wrote nor telephoned.CM2733373This is neither new nor unknown.Dejo17937You are not to blame, nor is he.CK254855I can't make head nor tail of it.CM255924I like neither apples nor grapes.CM735117I neither heard nor saw anything.Darkmaster295844He never borrows nor lends things.CM302570He will not help them, nor will I.CM256973I'm not rich, nor do I wish to be.CM256971I am not rich, nor do I wish to be.Scott396559I don't know her, nor do I want to.blay_paul238601The result is neither good nor bad.U2FS2700655I can neither confirm nor deny that.Hybrid1779940I can neither confirm nor deny this.Spamster319268My father neither drinks nor smokes.fucongcong2633371Neither Tom nor Mary speaks Spanish.Olya255537I can speak neither French nor German.Nero251379My son can neither read nor write yet.CK290713He is neither for nor against the plan.CM1454017He knows neither how to read nor write.Woozlez304262He likes neither baseball nor football.CM2307597I can neither read French nor speak it.Gulo_Luscus294008He can speak neither English nor French.CK255530I can't read French, nor can I speak it.CM259384I have never killed nor injured anybody.Nero562897Neither joy nor sorrow can last forever.kebukebu2774096I could neither see nor hear the speaker.sharptoothed1039533Tom can speak neither French nor Spanish.GPHemsley558332I can neither confirm nor deny the rumors.darinmex

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